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By David May

Long Distance Bicycle Routes in France, Germany and The Netherlands

Long Distance Bicycle Routes in France

The following is a screen shot of the Interactive Map at:

long distance cycle routes in France

If you click on a route you will find details about it. (See my front page for information on Eurovelo 6 and the Loire.) Some maps do not display properly. For the Veloddysey site or the ViaRhona site, therefore, click on the green box to go directly to that site (and choose English).

I would also caution that parts of many of these routes do not show up on maps, or are on traffic filled roads. Personally, as I like to ride out of traffic, I would suggest in addition to the French routes on this site, some routes out from Paris,the routes across Brittany and down the Atlantic coast, particularly Eurovelo 1.

Map of Long Distance German Bicycle Routes

Below: some major and some minor German bikeroutes:
Bike routes through Germany

Germany is cris-crossed with signposted bike routes, some of which are shown in the screen shot above. Many of these have guide-books from Esterbauer (in German) and all the relevant bikeroutes are shown clearly on at a medium magnification. A list of German long-distance cycle routes may be found here: This site also has a map that may be helpful for cycle route selecion in every European country.

Long Distance Bicycle Routes in the Netherlands

I suggest looking at this Internet site: The following screen shot is taken from their interactive map:

Cycle routes in the Netherlands



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